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Our consulting engagement will result in detailed recommendations to get your hospital and physicians moving down the path to improving your program. Learn More

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From consulting to branded service line affiliation, our team works with your team to provide ongoing performance management. Learn more.

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Our Network allows us to offer patient care in the most high-quality, cost effective settings across the U.S. for our direct employers and payer contracts.
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Cleveland Clinic has been at the forefront of cardiovascular care for more than 50 years. Our program is known around the world for quality, efficiency and innovation.  The Cleveland Clinic Advisory Services is here to help you achieve the best for your patients, institution and community. Learn More

Why Cleveland Clinic?

Program Benefits

Advisory Services provides hospitals and physicians with direct and immediate access to our specialists, protocols and best practices that have helped us deliver higher quality care for our patients.

See how our program can benefit your organization.

Outcomes Reporting

We have pioneered the collection and annual publication of outcomes data, including clinical outcomes, patient volumes, innovations and publications.

Learn more about how we can work with you to publish your own outcomes.

Quality Assurance

Recruiting and engaging your medical staff is a key success factor for your organization. Our program is leading the way in helping to identify the right alignment strategies for effective quality care improvements.

Learn how Cleveland Clinic can help you identify the right alignment and recruitment strategy.